The Fleet

The fleet of CGeo is composed by professional RPAS, multicopter or fixed wing, with the possibility to be equipped with different payload, depending on the type of service to be performed.

The drones, according to ENAC regulations, have their own technical log that report maintenance management and are certified and insured in compliance with legislation.

Cgeo also has a technical structure dedicated to the study, design and manufacture of drones. The features of our RPAS are reliable, custom technology, stability and efficiency, thanks to the use of quality materials and durable.


GeoDrone P55 - The entry-level platform for the professional

The professional platform GeoDrone P55, is based on the classic esacottero frameset F550 and ensures simplicity and reliability with extremely low operating costs. During development has been paid special attention to ease of driving and use, in fact its characteristics make it particularly smooth and precise to fly even in conditions where the drones similar can not be used. Geodrone P55 is an important alternative for the professional who needs a solution ready the flight, for all those situations in which more complex machines are not appropriate to the mission. Also represents a viable alternative for the user not professional, but he sees solutions RTF ready to fly a limited solution to those who might be future needs. The P55 platform can also be used as a backup of the most important systems, providing the opportunity to conclude the transaction in case of inability to use the main system. The P55 is supplied fully assembled and tested by our technicians, with the same procedures and methodologies used for the machines certified professional.


GeoDrone HL66 Thor - the Heavy Lift platform

The platform GeoDrone "HL66 Thor" family Heavy Lift, represents the most advanced solution currently available for the management of payload up to 12 kg. The platform comes from different experiences including overflight with key payload at altitudes above 2000 meters above sea level. The configuration X8 with a wheelbase motor/engine 1500 mm, and the landing gear, ensure high reliability and flexibility of use. Despite its size (with propellers 28" in the maximum diameter of 2,200 mm) the "HL66 Thor" is easily transportable thanks to reducing clutter in 750x750x750 mm. The various options and configurations of the platform, let it be used in different areas, also critical. Reliability, Payload, ease of maintenance and driving, makes the "HL66 Thor" the ideal platform for missions for maximum performance.


GeoDrone P90 - New 900 Class

The professional platform GeoDrone P90, is a esacottero with a carbon framesetfull class 900 that ensures reliability and stability for mid-level payload (up to 6kg). The Geodrone P90 guarantees the trader a ready-to-fly solution, equipped with a gimbal 3D for professional cameras. Thanks to the retractable landing gear is also possible to take pictures from every point of view. The P90 platform can also be used as a backup or support for major systems, providing the opportunity to conclude the operation even if the main system is unusable. The P90 is supplied totally assembled and tested by our technicians.


GeoWing W79 - the fixed wing platform

The Drone fixed wing W79, is the solution to the need for data acquisition and images over large areas or for long periods. Geowing is able to operate, where permitted by law, independently without the intervention of the operator, performing the tasks set by the pilot on the ground. The multitude of options available, allows the GeoWing to be used in various applications, including land monitoring, water courses, monitoring and control of pipelines such as the pipeline industry. Reliability, autonomy and ease of maintenance and driving, make Geowing W79 the ideal platform for missions over large areas to stay a while.