Cgeo has drones and camera systems for every type of need: acquisition of morphological information of the land for radio installation (pathstudies), landslide monitoring: detect and map areas prone to landslides and evaluating closed areas from the hydrogeological point of view, photogrammetry : solutions that allow to map an area in 2d or 3d and create digital models of the land, filming professional videos and so on.

Cgeo also offers the rent service of their systems, certified and insured, with driver and videographer: This is a solution that allows you not to take on costs of purchasing, management, maintenance and all the procedure needed for authorizations, in respect to ENAC legislation for flight in safety.

Cgeo can handle the sale of their systems also through the operating lease: rent a drone is one of the leaner and faster solutions, in order to start using a property RPAS to achieve the necessary services.

Cgeo offers the training service for pilots of RPAS: according to ENAC legislation in force, thanks to a set of targeted services, Cgeo is able to assist the clients to obtain the qualification of pilot RPAS.

Some examples:

  • Direct services for acquiring and processing images
  • Study and processing aerial images acquired
  • Evaluation and validation of tests carried out
  • Collaborations with technical studies (agronomists, winemakers etc.)
  • Critical and not critical operations in industrial and environmental sphere
  • Flight missions for third account with only using the certificated pilot or using the whole system RPAS