CGeo is a brand of Omnicon Srl, a company that has been operating for over 14 years in the telemetry world, gaining experience in several areas also for data and information acquisition on the territory.

CGeo is born to place these technologies into the new markets.

Cgeo is the ideal partner for services and solutions with RPAS, thanks to a strong attitude to use these systems in critical operations' areas.

We provide our services to individual and domestic or international companies, both for the public that for the private and we have structures, methodologies and high level employees.

Our services are aimed to industrial sector, renewable energy, agricultural company, real estate and tourist industries, districts and authorities that needs to control the territory, and so on.

CGeo offers his experience and its know-how, with numerous flying hours behind, to satisfy the needs of the customer in respect to the rules about RPAS.

ENAC RPAS Certified Operator decl. CGS01 of 16/04/15 - refer. ENAC 4546